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Welcome to www.tigergallery.org this site features the efforts of Vivek Sharma whose life's passion & work is the conservation of the magnificent and majestic king of the Indian Jungles - the Royal Bengal Tiger. Vivek has spent over 11 years in his pursuit to make the voice of tiger conservation heard worldwide, he gave up medical studies to pursue his passion, he is today acknowledge as one of the leading experts on the Bengal Tiger and has helped BBC and Discovery in their effort to film and photograph this fascinating animal in it's natural habitat.
Illustrate with images & honest textual stories of Vivek 's encounters and observations made while guiding others through the complex jungles of India, this website is Vivek 's ode to the Tiger.
Although it is one the most magnificent and revered animals, the tiger is listed as "endangered" and is on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Not only is it under threat from poachers, its natural habitat is fast dwindling; current estimates suggest that there has been a 40% depletion over the last decade. The Tiger possesses extraordinary characteristics such as high sensitivity, secretiveness and the ability to surprise; untiring perseverance, agility in attack, its tenacity to follow and the strength to overpower its prey. These qualities make the Tiger the most successful predator. He is the symbol of the Indian jungle. Its flexibility, powerful muscles, the symmetry and mesmerizing gaze is inspiration enough to those who want to capture this unmatched beauty in their heart.
www.tigergallery.org is a non profit agency which predominantly represents Vivek 's photographs of wild tigers, its habitat and prey. These images have been taken at different tiger reserves across India and all the monies generated from the sale of any image in any form are exclusively used for Tiger conservation through ANF India .
We promise to keep sharing with you visuals and experiences of our fascinating and unending journey through 'tiger country' and would like to inspire the next generation to keep this journey going on forever.


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